Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Starting 2017

Some of this is repeat business... sorry.

So, I love traveling and I love my girlfriends.  In February we headed east to Monroe and West Monroe Louisiana.  Just to hang out and do some shopping. We planned the trip around a shop run by some crazy sisters and come to find out they were closing the business at the end of the month.  We got some great deals and had a blast.  

Drive Thru Daiquiri's!!! 
Who Knew!!!????
Stopping by the Pink Piston in Lindale was a must.

At least once or twice a month it's time for to redo the nails and toes with my buddy Venus.

Meanwhile, one weekend another friend and I took some timeout to Paint for a Cause.  Benefitting Austin's Hope.  The location was awesome and we got to check out the view from the top of Southside on Lamar.  Fun afternoon with Wendy Woo. 

Sometime in there, another shopping venture with high school pals Sandra and Kelly.  We talk more than we shop.

 On the work side of life, we got a tour of our new office home.  The new workout facility WILL be used after we move into the space in June.

New cubes are very modern.  One thing I like is they have work surfaces that can be raised and lowered.  One thing we don't like is the lower cube walls.  It's going to be very, very loud.

BUT the view from my space will be amazing.
Around the home front, we did a slight upgrade to our home on wheels.  We went from a nearly 20 year old, 24 foot trailer with no slide, (Matilda) to a brand new 34 foot amazing trailer.  We have named her Stella.  Matilda served us well for nearly 5 years.  We learned so much.  Had some fantastic times but this baby is awesome. 

 Our first trip out was up to Cedar Mills on Lake Texoma.  Beautiful sunset and sunrises.  Rebel adjusted to the new space.

And of course what would a trip be without a foot photo.  Traveling home though was one of the most stressful drives we have experienced.  There were 40 to 50 mph winds.  Doing this with a bigger, longer trailer with no stableizer tow bars was awful.  We now have those items.

 Back to Vegas for a meeting and some amazing locations.  Fabulous lunch with a fully edible dessert. potted plant ^^^

and yes, there was meeting time....>>>>>>>

 The Encore, all suite hotel is amazing. As was the spa below.  Absolutely the most beautiful faclity I've ever visited.

High above the city in a ferris wheel with new friends. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Year's Eve

Back in the fall,  a few of us read that KC and the Sunshine Band were going to be at Choctaw Casino, event center for a concert.  FUN TIMES, cheap tickets, NYE!!!! So we bought those cheap tickets and made our plans.

We got there in plenty of time to gamble a little, eat some dinner and then head over to the event center.  It started out with a group of local kids dancing.  They were really entertaining and having a great time.

Then it was concert time..... Yes, KC's hayday was the late 70's.  This became very evident about 10 minutes into the show.  KC's voice was very unsteady but he was belting out the tunes.  He did dance steps, kicked some kicks, talked about songs he had written, talked about shows he had done, talked about himself....and talked about himself.... it was not good. None of it.

Then he did some pirouettes... yes... all the way across the stage,  at which point hubby turnes to me and says...."it's not going to get any better."
We headed back out to the casino and had a great time gambling.

The memory of 1977 was much better than reliving it.