Monday, April 28, 2008

So much for Tranquility

I love(d) my iPod Nano. Note I said loved. I've had the thing for a year. Had some great music that I could chill out to, downloaded some books from (great site) that I have to have now to drown out the noise when flying....etc... Well, the Nano died. I can't reset it, i can't restore factory settings, it has a white screen - nothing else. It has no menu, no words, no Apple logo, nothing. I HATE THAT!!!!!! I spent 4 hours yesterday trying to fix it. Alas, no, not happening. Now I hate Apple. They won't discuss iPod issues on their 800 customer SERVICE line. NO< NO that's only for high dollar problems.

I surfed around trying to find out if someone magically found a cure to a problem such as mine. NO>NO. there are many of us out there. A community of iPod addicted suburbanites suffering from withdrawals because we were HALF WAY THROUGH A BOOK AND NO CAN'T FINISH!!!!. ok, ok. SERENITY NOW! as Kramer would say. I won this small silver bane of my existence so I really had no idea how expensive they were/are. How in the world do parents afford to buy teenagers anything these days? I don't want one with a TV screen, i just want to listen to my books. Oh and did I mention I think it also screwed up my itunes. I also tried to fix that as well. !!!!^%%$^%$^%(*&$^$#$^% !!!!!!! APPLE!!!!!

If anyone has any suggestions other than forking over $300 plus for a new silver monster, let me know.

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