Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home sweet home

Well nearly home. It's 1:30 on Wednesday afternoon. I got up at 4am, got on a shuttle from the hotel, rode for an hour to the airport, got on a plane at 8:30, arrived in Dallas at 10:50 and came to the office. I'm a little road weary. After thinking about it, until I got on the shuttle at 5:30am, I had not been out of the Marriott Marco Island since Sunday morning. They put sandbags in front of the doors, moved our balcony furniture into our rooms and locked the balcony doors so we could not even step out there.

That's a long time to be inside a building. Yes. There was a bar. Here are a couple more pictures during the quarentine.

this is a picture of just a little before the worst time. This is about 7pm Sunday night. The eye of the storm came over us about 3 or 4 am later that night.

This is Monday morning. And below are a few people braver than I. It wasn't raining but these guys came in absolutely soaked just from the spray blowing. The winds after the eye passed were worse and actually continued to get worse all day Monday.

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