Friday, September 19, 2008


This weekend in Plano is the Plano Balloon Festival. This event takes place a couple of miles north of our house. I took some great pictures last year and hope to see more balloons close up this weekend... even though they drive the dog nuts!

As I was driving to work today, one of the early rising balloons had landed in an empty field on my route to work.

They were deflating the balloon and the chase van was there to load up. I'll post pic as soon as I get home. It is exactly the way I feel this afternoon, Totally deflated. The work week has taken everything out of me.

It's been nice having houseguests though. Hubby and Mr. D certainly like to debate politics, which Mrs. D or I enjoy in the least bit.

I am taking a continueing education class that starts tomorrow and goes until DEC 16, yikes. What was I thinking? Oh well, maybe I'll actually learn something..

pics to follow

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