Tuesday, September 2, 2008

end of summer 2008

Wow, cannot believe this past weekend was Labor Day weekend and the summer is officially over. One thing we learned this summer is the best way to bathe our
lovely mutt Rebel.
He has really grown into a good dog. Just has issues with someone coming to the door....
Munky-boy and Flipper girl came over Friday night and my family became Rockband Superstars. Ok, so I exaggerate a little, but it was lots of fun.

Note: no pics of Elmo! I could do the guitar but the drums are WAY to hard and left to the pro; Flipper girl.

So, Saturday morning we get up and head to Kingwood to visit our friends. We of course ate too much and some drank to much... but it was pretty relaxing. Hanging by the pool, catching up, talking about people. Uncle Ray cooked up some pretty tasty fajitas on Sunday. Don't you just love it when your husband is the fashion statement of the whole weekend.....?

We all were very conscious of what was going on with Hurrican Gustav but it never even sprinkled in Houston. We got up early Monday to see if Gustav was heading that way. We had decided we were going to come back to Dallas via the eastern route and avoid Hwy 45. We left Kingwood about 9am. For 150 miles from there to Crocket TX, there were swarms of what we call "lovebugs", cause, well when they are flying around there always seem to be two of them stuck together. You might not think these little buggers would be much of a problem but.....

We had to stop twice just to clean off the windshield so that Ray could see to drive. NASTY.

Ray took my truck to the car wash as soon as we got home and unloaded.
Back to the grind this morning...