Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!!!!!! for pete's sake.

Why, during a debate, will the candidates not answer the freaking questions. They Can't. They don't have the answers. Why can't they just say that.

The woman is section F asked, "How can we trust you". neither answered her question. She said "How can"... present tense! They are so focused on pointing at each other and backwards blame they can't answer anything with a plan.

We can't save jobs tomorrow or this year by building a nuclear power plant. That's not the answer. We're worried about today, this year.

I may agree with some of the things Obama says, BUT I'm concerned about a full democratic leadership. I'm concerned about where he's been. Where did his money come from? I get what he says, I just don't trust him.

Neither of them have a clue on day to day work, paying bills, worrying where your husbands next job will come from. Obama may have been raised in a working household but somewhere along the way there was a windfall. Where did it come from?

They both say, they'd like do xyz, but they never say how. Don't pound on what is past, give us a plan.

Put a damn countdown clock in front of them. Cut them off if they can't follow directions and keep to the time limit.

I'm not a good debater. I hate debate, but I could stand up there and NOT answer questions.

Who am I going to vote for? I'll answer that question, I haven't got a clue.

I'm so disgusted with both parties.

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