Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tastings Wine Bar, Grapevine

I love Dallas, or Dallas area restaurants, I really, really do. We have such a plethera(sp?) of choices within a 20 mile radius, you could go for months and never, ever want or need to eat at the same place twice. I love Simon Sushi in Plano for the freshest sushi in town. I love Kelly's in downtown Plano for one of the best burgers ever, and great crispy/skinny fries! Breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning at the mexican food place at the Farmers Market Dallas. Sorry I can't remember the name.

That said, after tonight I will never ever, ever go back to Tastings in Grapevine after tonight. My first impression of Tastings was good. Sandra, the bartender was great. However, we were first told that happy hour prices were 1/2 price wines. After we got our bill and started questioning the total, we were told it was $2.00 off. When we again questioned why were were first told (by the owner/partner, not sure which) it was 1/2 price then $2.00 off what exactly, we were told to leave if we had "attitude". hmmmm, I'm sorry, were we not the customer? My 3 glasses of wine were $26, all bought before 7pm at happy hour pricing. I can't even figure out what my 3 glasses of wine cost, $8.666666666666 per glass???????? I love the place, the concept is great but I will never, ever ever be back.I think I will call that person, the partner owner, whatever tomorrow and gently ask what their happy hour pricing is.

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