Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wonder if....

Anything the candidates say tonight will make any sense to good ole you and me? The debate just started... let's see.

  • Sheifer asks, Why will your plan work better. Both candidates again just go over their individual plans, neither explain WHY his is better. Yes, it has to be quicker, yes the short term is important but why will their plan work but not the other guys?

  • The Exxon Mobil's of the world have the lawyers, accountants, tax consultants etc.. to find the loopholes, work out the deals to base their business on international soil in order to not pay the taxes that Obama is talking about increasing.

  • Obama states he will structure the 'bail out' correctly. How? he doesn't go into detail. Again.

  • McCain says he will initiate a spending freeze. On what? How are you going to cut defense spending right now?

where are the immediate plans?

Why can't each of the debates be Topic Specific? 3 debates. One on energy, one on healthcare, one on education, one on the economy. Each would force the candidate to go into detail on their plans.
We cannot balance anything in four years based on energy plans that will take 5-10 years to implement.

Regarding the question about the negative ads.. who cares. We hear it everyday. Campaigning is campaining. That does not get us answers to anything we really want to hear about.

Do you ever feel like you're listening to Charlie Brown's teacher?.... Wah, wha wha Wha.....

Move on to issues. Details of historical relationships is not what the debate is about.

How can this be so important and yet so tiring.

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