Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grandboy Luke

Ray and I got to see and visit with our Grandboy Luke today, oh yea, his parents Leslie and Tony too. We were at Ray's Aunt Venetta and Uncle Joe's 50th wedding anniversary party. (wow 50 years!)
Anyway, Luke was in a great mood and was all smiles. I love giving him those kisses on the back of the neck. It leaves a little mess with my lipstick though.
Luke is NOT going to be a picky eater. Even with no teeth yet, he'll try just about anything. Leslie was letting him gum a cracker until I noticed the cracker she had in her hand was one of those with black pepper baked in! So, I ask Pops (Ray) to go and grab a few pieces of fruit. Luke absolutely loved the strawberry, cantelope and pineapple. He about sucked a huge piece out of my hand. He was so cute and happy as can be.

This picture is from a few weeks back. I didn't take my camera today, yea, yea, you think I would learn.

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