Thursday, January 8, 2009

I love my Big Red beast

When we got Rebel in February of 2005 he was a small bundle of fur. I promised hubby he wouldn't be very big, only 20-25 pounds. hmmmm, really? I rescued him from a shelter and he was sooo sick when I brought him home. The calm before the storm...

He was beautiful but he was a handful. He ate everything in the backyard. The water hose, his water dishes, the sprinkler system controls (4 times), etc.. I wasn't sure my better half was going to let him co-habitat with us for long.

When he came in the house he was a Tasmanian devil. He never laid down, he never even sat down. He didn't walk through the house, he tore through the house. You couldn't hold him, he hated it. He had the sharpest nails and the sharpest teeth, we both have the scars to prove it.

He has loved being outside since day one. He isn't content in the house for very long. Since he was little he has found a spot under a tree that is, His Spot. Anytime of the day you can look out and there he'll be, surveying his territory. There is actually a dent in the ground now where his butt sits at the base of the tree... I thought I had some of his puppy pics on my computer but can't find them, i'll have to look back on some disks.
He's funny now, "my" dog, when hubby is out on his regular poker night, Rebel will NOT stay in the house with me. He has to be outside waiting for that familiar white truck to back in the driveway. Yea, "my" dog. Whatever. Daddy doesn't like him much either. Right.
This is how he sleeps in his crate, it's hysterical. On his back, feet in the air. He's not a morning dog either. Hates to wake up. hmmm wonder where he got that from.

He has become a really good Big dog. All 25, um 35, no wait 45, well, 55, ok 75 pounds of him.

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