Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Head Injuries, All too familiar

I am saddened by the death of Natasha Richardson today.

On a bunny slope learning to ski.

Of all the things I know, I know head injuries all too well. Daddy was gone after fallling and hitting his head on the driveway and then 3 years later we deal with Mom taking a fall and spending weeks in Intensive Care before having brain surgery to relieve the pressure to her brain.

One thing that we were told that I have not heard the "experts" discuss... less chance you have to survive this injury. Your brain shrinks as you age. Older people have more space between the skull and the brain to allow for swelling. The doctors told us had a 16 year old suffered the head injury that mom went through would have been catastrophic. Interesting.

We are lucky to still have mom with us.

She's a tough old broad and has recovered amazingly. Driving, ballroom dancing, playing cards... she's up for anything.

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