Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Work Attention Deficit Disorder -
I'm convinced this should be a true disorder. Once identified, it is a chronic condition. There are times of remission but not nearly enough to relieve symptoms:
  • Payday
  • While on Vacation away from all cell towers and Internet connections
  • 4:59 pm daily


  • pages and pages of doodles on every scrap of paper, desk blotter or notepad
  • wandering the cubes looking for other sufferers to commiserate and discuss common symptoms

Can be worse at times:

  • The day before leaving on above mentioned vacation
  • The day after returning from above mentioned vacation
  • The days between giving notice and the last day of employment.
  • During any Webinar
  • During any conference call
  • During any mandatory meeting called by HR for discrimination or harrasment training.

There is only one cure known to exist at this time and the odds are 2.5 billion to 1 that you will be cured. Cure: Winning the lottery

I'm convinced this is a a widespread disorder and becoming more of a problem that MUST be addressed.

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