Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Dinner Game Night

Sunday after church, Ray and I went to some friends for Easter dinner and some games. Dinner was so good. A special ham came from a place in Plano called Ham I Am. Cute huh? Side dishes with the hame were oven roasted mushrooms and asparagus with garlic and lemon, and baked sweet potatos. We all stuffed ourselves.

Then we broke out the CatchPhrase game. If you haven't played, grab one at Walmart or Target, gather some people together and see what happens. It can get pretty hysterical and passionate. It's like Charades meets Hot Potato.

The kids get in on the fun with the grown ups and it's fun to hear the differences in clues between the adults and the kids.

Ray gets in on the action.

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Venus said...

Elmo, get hold of yourself. If you post another unflattering photo of me I will "cut you"! Stop laughing. I am serious.
P.S. I love you and hope you are feeling better.