Friday, April 10, 2009

my friday

Today started out like any other Friday. I slept in a little bit since it was a holiday, for most everyone but me. No traffic so I didn't have to be in a hurry. It was cleaning day and I always have to make myself a note to have a check ready for the best investment I could make. Someone to clean my bathrooms!!!

That being done, I headed out the door and down the driveway... where I came across 3 cute as pie doggies. Of course I had to stop. The three cuties all came running and hopped right in the truck with me.

Ok, so I have them all in the truck, turn out of the driveway, Dangit, I didn't close the back door of the truck good. It goes flying open and all three pile out again. Run around the street, two of them in, one is being stubborn. Ok done.


So, there I am, trying to read their tags, find my reading glasses, find my phone, dial the number, all with these guys bouncing around everywhere. I get voicemail. ARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Dial the other number. Voicemail. Ok, somebody is calling me back. Good, dog owner. The pups are supposed to be visiting grandma. They'll send someone right over. So we sit in front of the house, in the truck patiently waiting.

Here they come, unload one by one cause they are faster than greased lightning. Much thanks and appreciation from the kid since they are his sisters dogs and he's the one that left the gate open.... Now I can leave for work.....

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Cynthia said...

LOL. That made me laugh just picturing you trying to round up stray doggies liked greased pigs at the Fair. Too funny. But you did your good deed for the day. Good for you!