Friday, July 24, 2009

My 50th Year

As I leap(well maybe not leap) into my 50th year, things seem to be starting off on a roller coaster. They say the economy is better, well at least gas prices are at about 2.15 a gallon as opposed to 4.11 last summer. Other than that I'm not on board with the whole "it's on the upswing" thing yet. Travel freeze, salary freeze, spending freeze at work. I still have friends who have been laid off and are unemployed.

We did get to celebrate the milestone of my mom's 85th birthday with a huge gathering of family and special friends. But not after she fell and broke her arm! Today I am waiting to hear from my brother as they rushed mom to the hospital about 5:30 this morning with a possible heart attack or blood clot. She's not in pain and did her best to flirt with the paramedics...

I want this to be an exceptional year... no a great year. I hope all my friends will help make it so.

I have re-connected with so many friends and classmates through facebook. It is a little addictive but I think the benefits outweigh the time spent just mindlessly updating status'. It's pretty fun actually. Facebook was the only way we could have gathered our high school alumni together for two! unofficial reunions last weekend.

I hope these get togethers continue, they are so much fun.

There are a few of us turning 50 this year so we are in the midst of planning and making plans for a luxury trip to Costa Rica! Not that we should be spending the money but hey, it's my party and I'll spend if i want to! That is set for March and I cannot wait to just hang by the pool or at the beach and spend time with best friends.

I'm hoping to have the diabetes under control before the trip. I'm back to down the 12 original pounds and am hoping to keep that trend going. My goal is 35 pounds by January 1. Working out and portion control is the key.

I guess the key to this year is to take one day at a time and enjoy everyday taking the dips as well as the exciting highs.

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