Monday, July 13, 2009

A very full few days

We have been planning a big birthday party for my mom for over a year now. The first date we planned was last summer and had to be canceled when she fell and suffered a very scary head trauma. She is one tough broad. So, we decided this year would be a very special 85th birthday. Well, last Tuesday as she was leaving the grocery store, she tripped and fell, breaking her right elbow. Oh, by the way, two years ago she fell and broke her left arm when she tripped over the dog!!!! Anyway, the orthopedist (same one as the left arm) determined she will need surgery but it could wait till after the party. One pointthe doctor did make, this is the result of being a very active 85 year old. She wouldn't get hurt if she stayed home and sat in a chair.... we all know that ain't happening with her!

Saturday we had a housefull of family over for lunch and home made ice cream. The toddler Ray is holding is not one of the grandboys but my great nephew RJ. He fell in love with my husband and would not let go for two days.

This is my great niece Ava Mae. She has the longest eyelashes you have ever seen on a one year old.

Ava then got hold of my camera. PARTY SHOTS.....

Sunday was the big party for mom. We had over 100 people show up and mom had a great time. This is most of the immediate family. Notice who is holding RJ, NOT his mom!!!

This is RJ's mommy, my niece/clone Emily.

This is Mom with her kids.

Some random shots of party guests. Friends that mom and dad have known for 50 years from church, family from Oklahoma, mom's dance group friends, Sunday school friends, etc...

It was a great party and we love how blessed my mom is with friends and family who adore her.

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