Monday, November 2, 2009

... I been thinkin....

As we age and we begin to see our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends begin to leave us and go home... our world shrinks.

My father passed away at age 84. The amount of people who came to show their respect touched my mom so. My uncle passed away nearly 2 weeks ago at the age of 96. He and my aunt Hazel had no children and now there is just one brother and one sister left of those siblings. Uncle Bill's world had become just his immediate family. He had pretty much outlived all friends and business acquaintances he had made in his many many years making barbeque.

Our family is so lucky that Mom, even at 85, remains active and busy. She is active with her Sunday School class. She volunteers one day a week at Baylor Hospital Garland. She still keeps in touch with all the "girls" she Line Danced with. She is part of a quilting group. We can't keep up with her but still... The world of lifelong friends has shrunk.

This is my mom and a lifelong friend. Stanley Bennett. When my mom was a young girl her best friend was Hortense. When they went to Woodrow Wilson HS in Dallas, Hortenses boyfriend was Stanley. Stanley and Hortense introduced my mom and dad. Now that is lifelong friends. Stanley lost Hortense not long after we lost my dad. There isn't many from that era left around. Their world has shrunk.

Who is your lifelong friend?

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