Monday, February 8, 2010


OK, one of my best buddies takes great joy in reading this darn thing everyday... (please pray for her)... if I do not update this daily I'm in for an ear full.  So, here are some random things...

Thought #1
I just got through reading this on my daughter in laws blog.. she is talking about #1 grandboy here;


We started taking Jake to "big" church before Christmas and he's been doing a great job. This Sunday, at the end of the service, Pastor Brent said "and Tony Rader's going to come forward and pray for us." Jake looked up and put his arms up for me to lift him up. He said, "I want to see. I want to see." He still couldn't see so I creeped to the edge of our aisle so that he could see all the way to the front and then Jake said, "I want to see that Tony Rader pray."

It was too cute!
this is the culprit... and we were worried he wasn't going to talk much.
Thought #2
Shoes, watches, purses.... I love these things... however can't afford to get the ones I want so I dream...

oh man, love these
mmmmm for work
I really really want this purse.....
or this one
I did buy myself this watch last week... not the Toy but it's a trend.

How cute is this????
Need these for my trip coming up!!!!
ok, love me some Yurman
and these are to die for. I just sit at my desk all day... I can handle these!
I'm still wondering who the shoes were that Carrie Underwood was wearing with her "Elvis" outfit at the Super Bowl...
OK, speaking of the Super Bowl, loved the Doritos/Dog commercial and I always love the Etrade babies.
This is my favorite Etrade commercial out right now.  It cracks me up every time I see it.

And the best part of the game was this

This weekend we are doing a Valentines dinner party with all my husbands cousins. We never get  a chance to hang out and maybe this will be a new tradition for us. Should be fun. 

Next week - Las Vegas baby!!!! may have to find me some hot shoes to wear!!!!!!!!!!!

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