Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Real - That's my boy up there... and now he's gonna be a dad!

Today was the day.  I joined son Clay and his wife Amanda (in the pic above) at the doctors office, along with Amanda's mom Debbie.  We stepped right into the sonogram suite and away we went!  Debbie and I both dug for our camaras only to be told, nope, can't take pics or video.. Dangit. Good pictures were showing up on the screen and the  technician announced..... THIS IS A GIRL!  won't have pics until Clay scans and sends to me. 

How cool to be included in this appointment.  I hoped for and seriously thought it was a little girl and was very happy.  But, after I got to thinking about it, on my side of the family there is only one great grand boy!  RJ.  All the rest are girls!  oh well.  Little Emory will be a blessing early next March.

photos soon.

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