Sunday, November 14, 2010


Last weekend was my no spend, relax weekend and it was great.  Really trying to buckle down so that hubby and I have something to retire on.  Added more to my 401k deductions recently but planning for both of us is a little challenging.  I'm the retirement contributor here and it is so on my mind lately. Neither of us are getting any younger and hubby's job is 95% physical labor and the new 50+ is not the old 30!  We did increase our insurance and have purchased some catastrophic plans... such pleasant things to think about huh?

So, back on subject I thought I would redo last weeks plan and set aside Saturday as another $0 spend relax day.  About noon I started going stir crazy.  You know if you leave the house you spend money so here I sat.  I really didn't have any options though either... no calls from anyone with exciting, fun, outrageous (or otherwise) invitations to get out of the house. hmmmm.  I got the beds made, kitchen cleaned... watched The Pursuit of Happyness, made soup, started a book and pretty much had no conversation until hubby got home after six. 

You get out of the habit of being by yourself.  I was single for 16 years and every other weekend the boy went to his dads and I was content 99% of the time to hang on the couch and read.... now I feel like I need to be doing something all the time.  why is that?  These days it seems that if I didn't plan it, I have nothing going on.  

So, I'm rested, sitting in my chair and reading my book. Not picture worthy.

Therefore, no pictures. 

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