Friday, January 14, 2011

What a week

After our little Emory made her entrance last Friday it has been an eventful week. 

Emory is strong as can be... her mommy has been through the ringer.... literally. 

I spent most of last Saturday at the hospital with Amanda so that her mom could work and Clayton could get some rest.  Amanda was very uncomfortable 99% of the day.  Her blood pressure would not come down and her swelling kept increasing.  Sunday was no better and the end result there was being transferred to ICU.  Not fun.  ICU is noisy, they check on you ever 10 minutes, there is no privacy and with the post partum hormones going crazy, having only see your baby for a few minutes since she was born.... well you get the picture. 

Kidney dialysis was started for Amanda (the ringer analogy) but with not much understanding of what was going wrong, what was supposed to go right, what were the goals that needed to be seen, it was hard to relax, sleep, etc... 

Finally, Amanda was moved to a regular room on Wednesday night and did get to spend quite some time with Emory.  Sleep is still a struggle but she has a door she can shut, can take a shower and can go see emmy when she wants.  Now to get up and around, get some strength back, get her body re-acclimated and in motion.  Hoping to get her home in her body's good time but the most important thing is for her to get well so that she can go home and rest up before Emmy gets home. 

We all know that sleep won't happen after that for a few years!!!!

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DeniseT said...

So happy that things seem to be going better for everyone...thanks for keeping us posted with what was going had a lot of people sending prayers and good wishes to your entire family! Children are such a blessing....I hope that everything continues to improve and that you are able to get some rest as well....keep posting pictures of that adorable little baby!! Much love, Denise <3<3<3