Tuesday, June 21, 2011

12 years.... it's not possible

Ray and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on June 1st.  I cannot believe it has been 12 years!  To celebrate we went to dinner at Kenny's Wood Fire Grill in Addison.

This place is yummy.  You wouldn't think any restaurant would be busy mid week.... think again.  I'm so glad I called the week before and made reservations.  They did ask if it was a special night and of course I told them it was!  Now, I must say that Ray and I do know Kenny through mutual friends but I don't think any of our service was any different than anyone else's.  The tables around us all seemed very pleased with their food and service.... and while this may not surprise anyone, I did strike up several conversations and no one was displeased.

We had one drink at the bar while catching up with the proprieter and then were shown to our table.  I've put off blogging for too many days and I cannot for the life of me remember our waiters name (Jessie maybe...) but he was great.  We started with the Tuna Nachos. Sounds weird I know but amazing! A crisy wonton, with Ahi tuna, some smooth wasabi and a sweet soy/hoison drizzle.  A different take on a nacho but delectible.  Another starter (since it was a special night and all) was the Brie Fondue.  BRIE FONDUE!!!  need I say more.

Kenny had told us that a group of business men had pre-ordered a prime rib.  Not something normal at Kenny's but he was glad to do it.... Only one of them ordered the prime rib!  Guess what I had? It was awesome, mouth watering greatness.  Ray had a special Copper River Salmon.  I had a bite and while not a huge salmon fan, this was very good. On the side he had a cucumber salad that worked very well with the fish.  I can't remember what was with my prime rib, I was too busy with it!  We did order a side of their signature Adult Mac n'cheese.  Smoked gouda, ham and white truffle oil.  Sinful.

After all that we couldn't eat another bite.... HA!  There really isn't a set dessert menu... the options change.  Ray ordered the Pecan Pie which he proclaimed best ever and I was set with Bread Pudding and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Loved it all and they rolled us out the door.

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