Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Country Music Fan Fest

I was born in the wrong city.

I was fortunate enough to go to FanFest this year after visiting/meeting with a vendor.  I clamped on a couple of extra days and saw some excellent concerts.
The first night we went to the old Rhyman Auditorium and saw a lot of old country acts but the best part was seeing and hearing Dolly Parton in person.  She was awesome, looks great and is no bigger than a minute.  
The camera I took wasn't worth diddly, so the next day I went and bought me a new one!  I'll have to beg some Wednesday night pics off my friend Carla and post those later. 

So the next day we went (walked a long way) to the Convention Center.  Did you know Nashville has a lot of hills and is just as hot as Dallas?  It is.  I was glad I had Carla and Madeline with me to show me the ropes and Madeline is a great navigator!  
You get in the convention center and go in the large trade show room downstairs.  Its just like any other tradeshow with lots of booths set up.  I do have some pics from this!

anybody remember Lynn Anderson?  I Beg Your Pardon....
 This is Laura Bell Bundy,  I'm not real familiar with her but isn't she cute.
 Rascal Flats.... nuff said.

ok,  above pics.  Me (terrible pic) and does anybody remember Tiffany from the 80's!!!?  Whew!  that was a blast from the past. 
Then, Diamond Rio and the bottom pic is Sawyer Brown.... 

This handsome hunk above is Chris Young.  He has just started out and has a couple of new songs on the charts now.  

ok, here's another stumper for you.  Do you know who this is?  She has two sisters in the country music biz, they had a variety show many many years ago on tv.... She played the drums and now is an award winning sharp shooter.....
it's Erleen Mandrell.... do you remember that name?

Back in my single days I was known to go out and country dance a little.... a few times a week... ok, alot. Hey it kept me skinny!  This guy was one of my favorites.  He sang in the Acoustic Lounge and his voice hasn't changed a bit.  T. Graham Brown had some awesome hits/dancing songs back in the late 80's and I loved him.  He's come up on some health issues, mainly Belles Palsy but is fighting it.  

I still love him and his voice.  
After a full day in the convention center it was time to walk (again) over to LP field for the concerts. Here are some of the performances we got to see!

 Dierks Bentley, Sugarland (they brought down the house)

 Reba and Keith Urban!
The second day we headed back to the convention center for more up-close and personal time.
This guy has a famous daughter these days.... Achy Breaky Billy Ray Cyrus. 

 This is another closer up shot of Laura Bell Bundy
And another blast from the past, Lee Roy Parnell.  He had hit singles back in the 80's as well and is more of a writer these days.

I did get the chance on the second day to meet Lynn Anderson. 
Then the second night of concerts began.  (after the long walk Again, back to LP field)
One of my favorites, Josh Turner.... he sounds a little like my hubby.... during his best song ever, "Your Man", he brought out American Idol winner Scotty Mcreery!  it was awesome.  Video to come later after I figure out how to download from my new camera.... arrrgggghhhh

We also got to see Little Big Town and then Clint Black (reincarnation of Roy Rogers) did a couple of his old songs acoustically.  really nice. 
Then came Martina McBride,  like Josh Turner she shared the stage with the second place singer from American Idol.... Lauren Alaina. She was good but scared, I think America got the winner of American Idol right. 

 After that was Trace Adkins.  This man is larger than life but just the weekend before he and his family had lost everything they owned when their home burned to the ground.  Humbled and appreciative of all his fans.

 Trace in his natural element with the hat back on.

At one point, Martina sang Independence Day and just nailed it.  She received a standing ovation for over 3 minutes and she was moved to tears.
The last night for me was Saturday night. There was one more night of concerts but I had to get back home on Sunday.  My host for the evening was the President of Comdata and he was escorting his grand-daughter, 9 year old Madison. She was adorable.  

One of the best in country music, Rascall Flatts. 
Now,  for the best picture of the week.... let me explain. The first night of the concerts... there was a group of boys... rowdy boys behind us. I'd say they were all freshman in college. While rowdy yes... they were also extremely funny.  I mean, had us in stitches the whole time.  After the concert I commended them on their attitude, their humor and told them they made our night.  They asked nicely, what my name was...I told them and they proceeded to chant.. LISA, LISA, LISA... I do have to say that never ever happened to me before.  
The next night as I walked up... the chant began.  Again, we were entertained the whole time. 
My last night, here we are. I had to take a pic with my boys!

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