Monday, June 27, 2011

Lake Charles Louisiana

This past weekend my friend Peggy and I headed to her home town down around Lake Charles Louisiana... We headed out Friday morning on our 6 hour adventure.  Let me just say right now, I hate GPS systems. Follow them and you have no idea if they are right, wrong, screwing around with you whatever.  We set ours on the "shortest route".  Stupid thing took us through every business route through east Texas...  The route was scenic and peaceful but that goofy thing would send us through the middle of every little town all the way to Lake Charles. 

We were staying at Peg's friend Kim's home and pulled in about 3. Settled in to her lovely home, had some nice refreshments, relaxed a bit and then headed out for some mexican food and awesome swirl margaritas.

Back to the house for some preparation for the next mornings jewelry party.  Off to bed and up early for more preparations.... you see when Kim throws a party she does it up right. 

At the party I got to meet high school friends of Peggy's and loved hearing old stories, and got a huge kick out of the old pictures they pulled out.

After the party and their reunion planning, we piled up on the couches and took a well needed nap.  Then it was off to the casino for dinner and gaming.  We played some slots, gave away some money and then headed to dinner.... buffet time at the casino..... then home to hang in the hot tub and we didn't hit the sack till after 2am.

This is where it all went downhill.... Peggy and I were planning on heading back to Dallas about 10am... Sometime between 5 and 6 am my stomach began to turn. From 6am till about noon I was sick sick sick. So sick the girls and I decided I needed to go to the ER. So here it is noon and we heading to the hospital. Luckily Kim was a nurse at this hospital and we did get some special treatment. Still, we were on hospital time.  I had xray's, 2 liters of fluid, anti nausea meds twice and a CT scan,.... Peggy kept Ray updated through the afternoon.  The very long afternoon. We headed out of the hospital about 5, back to Kim's, pack up the car with "special" equipment in case I get sick again.

Poor Peggy, driving into the sun for half the trip with a non verbal passenger who keeps falling asleep. I tried to stay awake, really I did. Home safe and sound about midnight and straight to bed till 10 Monday morning.

It was an adventure.  This was my position all day Monday.

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