Thursday, August 11, 2011

A calm, sedate, relaxing July 2011

 Boys hanging out having fun..... with the Snap Pops Elmo brought them.  I rule!

Then we cooled off with some pool time
 The Mains were enjoying themselves

Ray's always in the middle of the kids!

 Then he had a blowout with his flip flops. Mr. El fixed him up with the yellow tape!
 Somebody should have fixed El's hair!!!!

 Then hubby and I headed north up to Lake Texoma for a weekend getaway.  Love my birthday trip to the lake.  Just hubby and I for 3 days.  We loved it.
Hubby loved the fishing

 I loved the relaxing till the snake showed up in those tires over there.  I was done!

With all the relaxing over with.... what do we do now?                   We empty out rooms and have new flooring put in!!!!  That's relaxing, right?   NOT

These are the before pics....

 Rebel was a little confused with all the emptying out and shuffling around.

All of the old nasty, badly laid and stretched old yucky carpet!  All concrete.  We did take Rebel to the kennel for this portion.  There was dust EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

 This was how we ate for about a week
Then one day, I came home to this!  love it!

 With all the new floors.... hmmm, the trim looked a little pale, so before we moved furniture came back

 we did a little painting. 

and this is what my extra bedroom looked like....

Then, we had to prepare the rest of the house for new carpet.  Which meant emptying out all the bedrooms...... All of Ray's clothes and my winter clothes from the extra bedroom we piled .... in the bathtub in the hall bathroom!

 With our kitchen already tiled I had to find something that matched since it butted up against it... The kitchen has 13 inch tiles and I wanted 18 inch in the other rooms.  This is the transition design I came up with and our fabulous tile master Frank did a great job.

The final finished product photos of the new carpeted bedrooms with all the furniture ..... coming up soon

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