Sunday, December 25, 2011


After spending the day with Emmy, son Clay and daughter in law Amanda and her family we came home and opened our presents and stockings from each other and gave our beast his stocking.

He was one happy pup. Ray got a vice which he has needed for his workbench for some time now.  No more using the tailgate of his truck. His stocking stuffers were a wallet, cologne and some funny boxers.  I got a Oster electric water boiler pitcher thingy that I had been wanting, a cast iron dutch oven and assorted socks in my stocking. Our gift to each other is $$$ towards a travel trailer that we have been talking about getting for at least 3 years now.
Ray pulled his two briskets, two hams and two racks of ribs out to start smoking for our family Christmas tomorrow.  We haven't had bbq in some time and all the kids love it. Can't wait for time with everyone tomorrow. 

 I used the afternoon to nap, watch a movie and relax.  Tonight I was standing outside looking the the sky, talking to my Mom and Dad.  I talk to them all the time, telling them how much I miss them. Ask them advice.... stuff like that.  Tonight I was telling them how much I wish they could see Emmy, how I wish I could see them with her... but I realized they see everything she does.  They see her more than I do.  I take comfort there.

If you are with your loved ones, cherish every moment.  If you are not I hope you have the comfort I do, knowing where they are and that they are with you every day.

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