Monday, January 9, 2012

Maiden voyage with Matilda the travel trailer

Who goes camping in January?  Somebody that buys a travel trailer and needs to test it out!!!!!

Ray and I bought our first travel trailer and headed up to Cedar Mills Resort on Lake Texoma to test her out.  I've named her Matilda.  The above is when we picked her up in Mt. Pleasant TX. This was also the first time Ray saw her!  I negotiated and bought her while he was out of town.  I'm the "buyer" in the family.  He did look it over, blessed my purchase and off we went. The only thing we have found so far is she needs an new roll out awning. 

So for the next week, we made lists of things we needed for Matilda to be our home away from home.
Linens, towels, cookware, utensils, etc... What I negotiated off the price... I have spent at Target and Walmart.  Oh well I want it to be comfy.

We decided to head out this past weekend and test her out.  Little did I know the first task was me backing the truck up to hook up to the trailer... I did it!  But I have the most patient teacher for a husband ever!  This was also the first trip/venture with our 70 pound beast, Rebel.  hmmmmm, wonder how that is going to work out?

Ray did the driving up to the lake and we got all set up after dark on Friday night. Just got the electric going, had a sandwich, got my electric blanket on the bed, time to snooze.

On Saturday, we lazed around a bit, got the coffee going, I started my book and then got to work arranging our supplies. (it definitely is a one butt kitchen)  Coffee is awesome when you are laying in bed, reading a book, looking out the birds, trees, foliage with no phone, no "to do" list. Soooo Relaxing. Our friends Shaun, Karen and Cody drove in from OK for a visit.  It was so good to see them. Since it was cool and breezy, we built a fire and just sat around and visited then did dinner at The Pelican Restaurant at the marina.  Pretty tasty burgers! 

They had brought their puppy Taz with them and Rebel wasn't at all sure about this baby.  We kept them apart all day and then when they were ready to head back home the dogs started playing!

Sunday was cloudy, chilly and yucky.  I laid around and finished my book.  Cedar Mills has a landing strip that our friend Paul loves to fly into so he and Tracy were going to head up for lunch but the weather was so crummy that didn't work out. :(  bummer

So, we do our first pack up and leave about 11 on Sunday. 

Ray tells me he wants me to drive it out.... ooookkkkkk. I back the truck up, hook up to the trailer and off we go.  I have done this once before way out in west Texas headed to the deer lease with mom and dad.  I was probably 26 or 27... I did it and know I could if I needed to.

We love it.

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