Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Still Kickin.... (and crazy)

First she was Ms. Pruett, then she was MiMi... She has lots of names.  She's been in my life since I was 9 years old and joined Camp Fire Girls.  Her daughter, Misti and I have been friends all that time too.  She was Ms. Pruett to us back then, she was our Camp Fire Leader.  She was the mom that took us to toilet paper houses.  We packed 19 people into her station wagon to go from Farmers Branch to Denton for a district championship football game.  She took about 11 goofy 12 year old girls to Red River snow sking, she drove all the way!!! 
When my mom and dad decided we were moving from Farmers Branch to Garland, we had to be out of our house 2 weeks before school was over. Where did I stay those two weeks, with the Pruetts. For some reason (?) Ms Pruett always thought I was the reasonable one in our group of friends.  Well, the rest of them were all nuts so that's not saying much.

I've kept in touch with Mimi (and Doc) all these years.  When I was divorced, son Clayton and I spent many Thanksgiving and Christmas's with the Pruett family... although they rarely had holiday dinner on the actual day of the holiday... But, that did get us through some lean holiday times. 

It dawned on me at one point, when I was driving Clayton and a bunch of his friends around .... I had become Ms. Pruett!  Then I realized there was the exact same age difference between her and Misti, as there is between Clayton and I. Weird.

When mom died, they came to see me, just to make sure I was ok.  Both Mimi and Doc loved and respected my parents very much. 

When Amanda became so sick after Emmy was born, I realized Ms. Pruett had been through the same thing years before when her daughter Darbi was born. She checked in on Amanda all the time.  Giving me great info.  This past Christmas we took Emmy to see the Pruetts and it was so much fun.
The Pruetts are in Port Aransas enjoying life and they deserve it.

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