Sunday, April 8, 2012


I have many memories of Easter's past.  I remember going to Northpark to get my Easter outfit.  I don't remember dresses specifically but I do remember the shoes.  I guess a girl always remembers the shoes.  We always got my special shoes at The Shoe Box.  It was a great store for shoes.  I always got to get dressed up to go to Northpark. The first place we would go was Orange Julius, it was right outside J.C.Penney's.  I would get an Orange Julius and a corny dog.... it was so good. Sometimes if we were there all day, we would finish off at Woolworths diner.  Grill cheese, pickles and a Dr. Pepper for me there.  It's amazing the things you remember from your childhood.  Most of mine are triggered by food.

Anyway,   Mom and Dad loved Easter.  When we were all at home, Dad would film (not video) but film everyone walking out to get in the car to go to church.  Those are great memories.

Things aren't the same.

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