Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sometimes I wonder how I ever got through the single mom era.  It was an era for me because it lasted from the time my son was a toddler just moving into a big boy bed, (which was a mattress on the floor cause I couldn't afford a frame) to the day after he graduated high school. 

During those days, thank goodness, I had lots of family and friends to help.  That was a good thing since I worked two jobs most of the time.  One year, I worked 3 for about 5 weeks.  My real job at that time was at Texas Instruments in the video production/satellite broadcast group.  Good boss(es), good group of guys that helped whenever I needed something.  Then on the weekends I was a waitress at a C&W bar/dance hall not far from home.  The year that was the sesquicentennial for Texas, the State Fair ran for 5 weekends and I worked weekends there at a food booth too.  So, Monday thru Friday real job from 8-5, pick up Clay, take him to aunt Sheila's, go to the waitress job by 7 or so and work till 2am but sometimes later. Then during the fair, I would get home from waitressing, be at the fair by 10am, work till 6, waitress job by 7, work till 2, sleep, fair by 10 and work till 10pm on Sunday night.  It was a beating but it is what got me through Christmas that year. 

Clay also did extras in school.  Football, baseball, choir, etc... somehow during football season I would end up being team mom.... WHAT!?  Nearly got beat up one year by Clay's best friends mom cause she didn't know where to pick up her kid after a parade... and that was my fault.  All the other kids got picked up.  Oh well, live and learn.

Mom and Dad loved keeping Clay too, so sometimes he would go to their place in the country for the weekend.  It's a wonder he turned out so good as much as we had to shuffle around!!  But, we made it work and had fun most of the time doing it.

Clay's senior year, I was working for Pizza Hut and had a business trip to San Diego so at the end of the trip, I flew him out and we had a blast. 
At Sea World

At the beach in front of the Hotel Del Coronado

At graduation, the night before I got married

AT UNT Graduation

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