Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our belated Family Christmas

After the flu and colds finally passed thru our family, we got to have our family Christmas on January 6th. This was the first time we had our whole crew together at our house.  Crazy but fun.

Savannah was just hanging out waiting for presents.
Oldest grandson Jake is growing up so fast.  He was such a big help this year. 
 Bryan and daddy Trey studying something important. William is in the background hanging out with mommy.

The madness

Neely, Emory, Amanda and Trey.... we all had our hands full.

 Carl, Tony, Leslie, Luke, Jake and Pops

The backroom and more chaos with Emory, Skylar, Bryan and Trey.

Then it was time for some fresh air and play outside.  Thank goodness for sunshine in January.

Emmy loves the boys cars!

Tony and Luke with some sword play




Bryan and Skylar.... oh the energy of the young

The two year olds.

We had a blast and the kids had fun getting to play with their cousins. Can't wait for next year!

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