Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Do You Carry With You?

What do you carry with you?

Linked In posed this question to it’s “Influential” posters and there are some great articles. Check it out:


But, I want to know what you carry…. We all carry our phones these days. Either our Smartphones or if your still like my hubby, his favorite old style flip phone! But, what do you Have to Have to keep your sanity?

I have a notepad and paper. I am a list maker. I’ve tried and tried to do this on my phone but it is one thing I don’t seem to be able to change! I love the satisfaction of crossing things off the list.

When I’m traveling, I have to have my audio book on either my phone or my little old Nano! I actually prefer the Nano for this. But having something to listen to on the airplane keeps me sane and blocks out the noise of the guy snoring next to me.

Also when traveling, fuzzy socks. I change into them on the plane. I wear them in the hotel room. They are my comfort zone.

What about you?

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