Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ch, Ch, Cha, Changes!!!!!

2015 brings new stuff, energy, new challenges. 

I know I just started a new job, but, what was originally laid out has not turned into the job duties.  So, that being said, I'm changing jobs.  Yes, again. I'm excited.  
I haven't been comfortable in my current situation since about week 2.  At week 2 there was a layoff of mid level directors which took my bosses boss.  Then the next week, my boss resigned and went back to General Motors.  Then there was another layoff.  With that 450 forklifts, the administration of all the uniforms for 299 locations and then the contracts for office supplies, WITH the full time job of the 1350 vehicle fleet. I do fleet.  If it had been 20 years ago, yep I would have been all over learning something new but not now.  I do fleet.  That's what I do.  

So, beginning in January, I will be taking on the fleet management of the fleet at Enlink Midstream.  Don't feel bad, I had to look it up myself.  "Midstream is a term used to describe one of the three major stages of oil and gas industry operations. Midstream activities include the processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids."

Onward and Upward.

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