Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Changes in Attitude, Changes in Lattitude nothing remains quite the same.... Jimmy Buffet was right. The more things change the more they stay the same. As we age our friends lives change and then our friends change. In some cases, we can see it coming but other times it happens for no apparent reason.

Our parents are going to funerals of friends they have known for 30-40 years. Will we have the same friends we had 20 years ago? If you are 50, where is the best friend you had at age 30? where is your best friend from high school? Where is your college roomate?

Our transient society crates a situation where those ties are cut involuntarily, or sometimes it's an excuse to cut ties we were trying to lose anyway.

Then our kids grow up. They change, have lives of their own and we have to severe those ties whether we want to or not. It's for their own good right? They have to develop their own circle of friends, hopefully not to have those relationships disappear prematurely.

I can't say, as I get older, people are easier to understand. Their not, in fact more often than not people get harder and harder to understand. Why they do the things they do or don't do things they used to.

It comes down to a question of loyalty. What are you actually loyal to? A football team? A spouse? kids, friends, a NASCAR driver? a job? God?

I hate getting older. I don't sleep and I think too much.

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