Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekend Away

This past weekend, my husband, my brother and his wife, myself and a few other friends drove to Spring TX for a Hot Rod Show. About 500 other hot rods were at this show as well.

We left Friday morning and took a scenic route through east TX. Nine cars lined up attracting a lot of attention. A 37 Ford Cabriolet, a 50 Mercury, and more that I don't have a clue what they were. We stopped numerous times for refueling since most of the cars only hold 10-11 gallons of gas, potty breaks, minor mechanical troubles and food. Lunch was in Athens at The Cotton Patch diner. Service; Excellant considering there were 21 of us showed up at once. Food; Excellant

We arrived in Spring about 5pm, got unloaded, took a brief swim and headed to El Palenque on I 45 in Houston. After one wrong turn we finally found the place. Service; ok. One waiter for 25 people was a little slow. Margarita's, frozen good, on the rocks not so good. Salsa, Excellant. Grilled chicken, Excellant. Left there absolutely stuffed.

Saturday we spent the day looking at old cars and shopping. Lots of old souped up Camaro's, GTO's, Malibu's, Chevelles, and every year Ford, Chevy and Dodge you could think of. A cool morning fed into a very warm afternoon. As soon as we got back to the motel it was a direct trip to the pool.

Dinner Saturday night was at Babbins Seafood House. Service and Food were both Excellant. I had a crab bisque that was creamy, a little spicy and relly good. For an entree I had a grilled Amber Jack but was so full from the bisque I only ate half. Everyone was pleased with their dinner.

Sunday we woke up to rain. It stopped early in the day but we decided to head home just to be sure we wouldn't get caught in any storms. probably a good idea since the 37 Ford we drove had no windshield wipers. The trip home was fairly uneventful. Straight up Hwy 45. Home about 3:30 in time to catch the end of the race and an early bedtime.


Teach said...

What a fun weekend! Do the cars go very fast??? I'm picturing it taking 6 hours to get there.

Lolli said...

the cars can go very very fast. They all have souped up engines. We just stopped a lot, bathroom breaks, photo breaks, lunch. And we took a scenic route that was very pretty. my slide montage is on One True Media. if I can remember how, i'll add it here.