Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dr. Visit

I'm laying in bed this morning, waiting for Ray to come back from the office and take me to the doctor's office. Since my wreck in July, I've been having various issues first with my back, then there was the thumb situation, then some tingling in my left arm, pain behind my shoulder blades and more tingling in my right arm... what to do.

I went back to the same orthopedist who splinted my thumb and we did some xrays and an MRI. Come to find out there are some pretty big issues going on with my neck. Vertebres C 5,6,7 are pretty screwed up. the main issue at this time is a pinched nerve. The remedy and the doctor visit today is a shot of sterod directly in my neck to redude the inflammation.

I chose to be put under for this because I'm scared to death of moving, shaking or twitching! I'm still nervous about the procedure itself and the possibility that it won't work at all. My back has been hurting since back around Christmas and no position is comfortable. I'm taking way too much medicine to help me sleep.

All of this started after the wreck so I can't help but conclude that it was the factor of cause or at least a major contributor to the issues.

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