Monday, January 14, 2008

Mr. & Mrs Grubb

Boy, am I glad I don't have a girl. Weddings are a LOT of work. BUT, it was oh so fun. I'm so proud of my son in his choice of partners. Amanda is great and just the right girl for Clay.

Friday and Saturday were a whirlwind. The rehearsal dinner went off great, not a hitch. We had so much food left over from the restaurant, I was able to feed my whole family after the wedding!

Saturday started out pretty calm, then all of the sudden there is so much to do. Decorate for the reception, pick up this, deliver that, check out the hotel for the wedding night, time for the ceremony, oops forgot to start the coffee in the reception hall, thanks Ray! for running over and doing that!, take some more pictures, walk over to reception, my goodness they've gone through 42 cups of coffee already, make more coffee,(thanks buddy Alan R. for hauling water!) take more pictures, cut the cake, make the toasts, get ready to go, uh oh limo isn't here, call limo, blow bubbles and watch Clay and Amanda whisk away to a romatic night, whew done. Nope, gotta clean up. Never ever could have gotten clean up done so fast without my long time friend Misti P and her son Kolton. ok, load up truck with coffee urn, cups, presents, etc... ok, now to the house.

There are 10 people in my kitchen! oh yea, my family came over for drinks after. Boy do I need that glass of wine. Wait, my cell is ringing... "MOM, (it's clay) um, in my car (at my house) there is a backpack and um, in that backpack are our passports... (they're going to mexico).... can you um bring them to us?" I draft my nephews Nick & Steve to make this trek to the hotel. Do the lovebirds really want to see Mom on their wedding night? I'm thinking not so much.

My family laughs, drinks wine and tells some tall tales till about 3am, yep! 3am.

Sunday pretty much called for sleeping all day except for watching the Cowboys play part of a game. I'm sure if they had played the whole game they would have won!

so, the wedding is done. hmmmmm what can i plan next?

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