Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the air

Here we are, still all up in "love" and all that after nearly 9 years. Ray mentioned the other day that he was my longest relatoinship. NOPE, that honor goes to my buddy Preston. He's been doing my hair for nearly 13 years!!!! trust me, a relationship with a hairstylist is nearly as important as the relationship you have with your spouse.

Today is Valentine's Day and yes, Ray has managed to remain out of the dog house. Lucky for him! My day for lovers however, is being spent in bed. Another epidural spinal injection (sounds scarier than it is) was completed about 2 hours ago and now i'm to take it easy for 24 hours. No driving, no heavy lifting and due to the drug they use which is an amnesia drug as opposed to a knock out drug, NOT to make any big decisions, no on line trading, etc.. I wonder if that means no on line shopping and no QVC on TV..... ? hmmmm.

I may have to go back and read this post later to see if I spilled my guts about something or just blogged some really stupid ramblings.

I was surfing some other blogs this morning and found Lifehacker. Great website for cool computer downloads for anti-spyware, adaware, etc... Another great photography site is amazing photos just for gazing at.

OK, just thought of something else. How many emails do you get at work? Do you ever wonder if ANYONE else gets as many as you? Tuesday I got 89. 89! WORK emails. How do you get anything accomplished if you get that many WORK emails in one day? I average about 75 a day. Is that normal? Everyone of them are work related. "How do I...", "why haven't we...", "where is...", "why can't I ....", you get the picture. Maybe 5 or 6 of these were not work related or did not require an answer, review, research. My work day consists of email, phone and pretty much no personal human contact of any kind. Yea, love that. NOT. Think about who is writing this. Lisa, with no human contact during the day, no one to go to lunch with? and I wonder why my neck hurts....?

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