Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why Elmo?

In 1999, my friend Sandy had a little boy named Eliott. We hung out, I took him to daycare when Sandy traveled. stuff like that. When El was about 2 we went to the circus. After the circus, we were at home eating. El in his highchair feasting on chicken nuggets and french fries. I pointed to him and said "Eliott" and then to myself and said, "who's this", he said something I couldn't understand. I went through the exercise again with the same result. I finally figured out he was saying "Elmo" when I pointed to myself.

No one had ever called me Elmo, much less around Eliott. He would not budge. I was Elmo. Ray was good ole, Uncle Ray but I was forever named Elmo. Maybe it was the hair... not thinking it was the voice.... for whatever reason, I was Elmo. Still am.

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