Saturday, July 26, 2008

City life?

Ray caught a raccoon last night in the garage. We were keeping the garage door cracked a little with a fan going just to keep the heat down in there, well something kept getting into the dogfood. We thought it was a possum but last night litle "Rockette" came to visit. Our neighbor has Have a Heart traps so Ray borrowed one and sure enough she crawled right in. He took her over around South Fork this morning and let her out. The only bad thing is it looks like she may have had some babies hidden somewhere since her breasts were pretty engorged this morning.

Travel this week took me to Shreveport/Bossier LA. Yes, I left a donation there both at the Horseshoe Casino and at Louisiana Downs horse track. I usually have pretty good luck at the track but not this trip. It was ugly. I did get some of my money back the last morning on a Monopoly slot, but not all of it.

The steakhouse at the Horseshoe was ok, but we've eaten at the steakhouse at Sam's Town and it was much better. Better service, probably because we were with Ray's sister, "The High Roller", but food was better also.

I also caught up with my friend Gee for some fun girl time. She works in E.TX now and don't get to see her enough. She took us to a BBQ place that friends of hers has in Shreveport and it was really good. And I'm REALLY picky about my BBQ. We then went to the roof of the Horseshoe and heard an 80's band out of FW called the Spazmatics. They were really good. Of course the best part was people watching. When that was over we went downstairs to the new club in Horseshow called CMT Crossroads, country bar right, nope not on Thursday. There was a DJ spinning but again, people watching was the premium. My jaws hurt from laughing so much.

One girl was dancing by herself and obviously thought her dream in life was to dance with a pole. It was hysterical. You wonder what is going on in her head as she is gyrating around....

"ok, now i'm going to stick my rear out and shake it really hard, then put my hands down on the floor , oops almost fell, boy that would have made me look stupid, ok run my hands over my body, those people are pointing at me they must really think i'm good.... hands up in the air like i just don't care.... maybe some guy will want to dance with me ....."

Unfortunately, or fortunately I don't have pictures of that.....

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