Sunday, July 27, 2008

City Life part deux

Well, another night brought us another raccoon. We've named this one Stealthetta. She is another young female who appears to be pregnant.

The ripped up padding you see in the trap with her was a floor mat that was in front of our garage fridge, after she got herself in the trap, she somehow managed to get her foot out under the door and pulled the whole mat in with her. Nesting more than likely in anticipation of coonbirth. Wouldn't that have been a trip to have awoken to mom and babies this morning. Her right leg was a little rubbed from her work in the night but she is in good shape otherwise. It was just amazing that she managed to get the whole mat in the trap with her. When I went out to see her this morning she laid her head on the mat just like a pet. NOT.

Again, Ray has taken her to the same spot he took Rockette so hopefully they will be ok.

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