Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Trey Kneggs

Wow, what a week! A total of 4! raccoons caught in the garage, a quick trip to NYC for Lisa and a big wedding to wrap everything up.

Yes, our total coon count is four. (and one kitty cat on Friday night, oops) We think we have them all now but we're still setting the trap just to be sure we've got them all.

I had a quick trip to the corp office of my job, which is out on Long Island. One of my vendors, Paula and I went up the day before and stayed right in Manhattan at the Metropolitan Hotel. Checking in and getting to our room was a little bit of a fiasco and the room was tiny, not unlike European rooms, but we weren't there much.

Right across the street from the hotel was the Carnegie Deli, so we decided to catch a light lunch there. WRONG!

Sandwiches at the Carnegie Deli are about 8 inches high. The sandwich on the plate in front of me is ONE sandwich cut in half. Thank goodness we ordered one to split.

We walked to Rockefeller Center after lunch, went to Sephora on 5th Ave and made a make up purchase, and in general did some people watching.

Back to the hotel to change for dinner at a fabulous restaurant in the Meat Packing district. Buddakahn. Asian fusion cuisine that was very very good. We started with a couple of specialty drinks. I had Tranquility, made with lemon grass infused oolong tea and citrus vodka. I loved it so I had another! Paula had Fate made with elder flower, pineapple and prosecco(?). We first were seated upstairs with a view of a communal table below. We asked and they moved us down to that table where we got to visit with other diners. Our menu was there special Chili Rock Shrimp which we ordered for an appetizer. However, everything came out at one time.... hmmmm. Otherwise, service was fabulous. Our main course was the Charred Filet of Beef. Slices of beef, seared and served with a yummy mustard sauce. Mine was cooked perfectly but Paula wanted her's a little more done. We also ordered the Special Fried rice which was perfect with the Beef and the appetizer shrimp as well.

As we were finishing dinner a family sat down next to us from Norway. Well, just look at them and you can tell where they come from. OJ, Katherine, Tona and Kristina were the best seat neighbors and we stayed for two more hours talking to them! Mainly because dad, OJ kept pouring fabulous wine.

Then to finish off the week getting a new daughter-in-law! The wedding was beautiful, the reception fun, the weather..... HOT. Thank goodness everthing was inside. The venue was The Victorian House east of Dallas and it was beautiful.

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