Monday, July 14, 2008

Grandboy Weekend

Ok, so for the first time Ray and I kept both the Grandboys Saturday and Sunday. Jake is now 2 and Luke is 3 months. Our Question of the day is "weekend, what weekend?" I didin't even have time to take pictures.

We are both EXHAUSTED. We would be even worse off if it wasn't for our fabulous 11 year old great niece Karli!!!!! What a life saver she was. Well, she's 11, she has energy. When she wasn't playing with Jake, she wanted to be outside running with Rebel. Most people look at that dog and go, "I'm not going out there with him, he's scary". Not Miss Karli, she love's that dog and every other dog she comes across. They bonded quickly.

We survived
We're tired
We love those boys
I'm glad I had Clayton in my 20's
and there's a reason God only gave me one!

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Teach said...

We can't thank you enough for having the boys over this weekend! And don't feel too bad...Jake was exhausted too!