Friday, August 15, 2008


Thank goodness today is Friday. I took a personal day today to take care of some stuff there just isn't enough time today Of course my blackberry kept me tied to the office for the majority of the day. I did get my oil changed, hair "enhanced" nails done and had a few minutes to help hubby download some pictures. AND, it rained 2 inches here in suburbia!!! it's amazing what makes us happy these days.

Not really anything outstanding to note for the week, Trey and Neely are back from their honeymoon cruise to Alaska. The trip sounded very relaxing and well worth the travel anxiety it caused Trey. We've about overdosed on Olympics watching on TV.... Tomorrow I'm off to Florida, part relaxation but after Sunday afternoon mostly work. I hope to have some cool pics of the Naples area to post next week.

Gas price today at my local filler up spot: 3.46

and we're glad about that. (?)

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