Sunday, August 10, 2008

Too Fast

Why do weekends go by so fast? Last week was really, really long and for some reason sleep eluded me. Not good. Friday night I was in bed by 7pm, 13 hours later I got up. Guess I needed the rest. I think I've mentioned way back how much I love my bed. Love it!

Saturday was spent hanging out with my husband until we decided, at the spur of the moment to accept a poker invitation. So we jumped in the truck and headed out to Forney! My truck has seen more of Hwy 80 in the past 3 weeks.... We didn't get out there till about 9pm so it was a late night. We had 24 players and I ended up 4th. I stayed in longer than Ray. Got good cards and played well. Fun except we didn't get home till 3am. yuk.

Today we went to a swim/birthday party for great niece E. She turned 4 and gotta love this video of she and her daddy in the pool. This is her porpoise impersonation.

Now to get mentally ready for the week.

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