Sunday, September 7, 2008


Not a busy weekend. Mainly spent as our typical Redneck selves. Friday Ray suggested riding up to Choctaw (Indian casino) and playing slots and poker a bit. I have no self control in this matter so of course I said ok. We didn't get him till about 3am which blew most of the next day since we seem to have a hard time recovering from late nights these days.

Running errands and taking care of my nails and toes took up most of Saturday. Don't ask me what Ray got done since he remained on the couch from the time I left the house till I got home hours later. Oh well, what's the weekend for? (maybe I need to stop making lists of things to do then I won't be expecting things to actually get done.) After all it was MY list. I've checked off a couple of things and will hit a couple more this afternoon.

Today, Sunday, we've watched a John Wayne movie and are now glued to the tv for a NASCAR race. (Redneck thing again). I hear the grass growing outside as i type.

I'm excited about this week and spending most of it with my peers from my work industry in Fleet Management. Sounds exciting huh? Trust me, it is these days. I'm networking as hard as I can.

My biggest challenge these days is the blood sugar thing. The doctor has lain down the law. My glucose levels have steadily increased over the past year and last year hit a really high number. I had to do another type test to go back over the past 3 months to see what is happening. Don't ask me how this works, somehow our blood cells have a memory. Kinda like rings on a tree. Its an A1C test and that didn't come out too well either. One point higher and he would have put me on medication. Not insulin but pills. I have till December to lose weight and get the numbers down. My dad was Type 2 and his family has the history. Not cool and it really pisses me off. Stress increases the issue as stress creates more endorphines and glucose in the system. Me, understress? Oh, yea. No alchohol.

So, I'm hitting the treadmill, changing my cooking and diet. I'm not a sweets eater but I love me some carbs. That's the hardest part. Good news though, my cholesteral is at the lowest it has been in over 10 years. (that's mom's side of the family)

So, the conference I'm attending this week will really be a challenge. Dinner out Tuesday, banquet dinner Wednesday and then dinner out again Thursday. I really have to be mentally prepared. I will hit the pool Wednesday and taking the tennis shoes so I can walk when possible.

Getting off my butt and moving is the key. you guys keep reminding me of that OK?

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