Tuesday, October 28, 2008


#1. At least 2? Have you thought about who at least 2 of those people would be? Are there people out there that think they might be one of your “at least two” but who really aren’t? Are there some maybe’s? Are you one of somebody’s two?
#2 15 people love you – love me…. Who are those 15? Can you name at least 15 people who actually love you? Not just like you but LOVE you?
#3 Ok, this one is really questionable. Who wants to be just like me? Why? Do you know of someone that actually hates you? I hope not.
#4 I do try to smile more these days. It’s amazing that we have to make an effort to smile. But try it. When you’re in a hurry, at the store, the person in front of you is taking forever…. Take the time, make the effort and smile.
#5 Think of someone different tonight before you go to sleep.
#6 I know I mean the world to one person. I would like to mean the world to more than that but that is a really tall order… isn’t it?
#7 Special and Unique – What about you (or me) is special and unique? I’m really moody? Is that special enough?
#8 Wow
#9 Can you think of a really big mistake you made and the good result….? I’m still thinking about that one.
#10 I don’t think I have ever thought the “world” turned it’s back on me… I know some people have… is that the same thing? Did you ever find a better friend when another one turned away?
#11 Remember to compliment other people. It’s important.

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