Thursday, October 30, 2008

I admit it... I am such the NASCAR Redneck

I spent my day at a work association meeting. This involved hanging out with people in the car/fleet business that I have known for the past 15 years, getting free stuff, driving cool cars and eating lunch... not bad. Then, one of my vendors mentioned she had never seen a real Nascar racetrack. WELL, we're in Grapevine, the track is about 20 minutes away and I really wanted to take the Pontiac Solstice out on the freeway. Did I mention it is a two seater convertible that is really, really fun to drive?
So, I told the General Motors Rep we would be "right back", yea right. Off we went, hair flying and stereo cranked! When we crested the hill on 114 going west and I pointed to the huge grandstands about a mile away and told her That indeed was the track she was amazed. It is an intimidating sight. I've been going since the first race over 10 years now and I guess I forget that. Anyway, we did a loop through our campgrounds, surprised our friends who thought I got a new car and headed back to Grapevine. All in 43 minutes.

AFTER that I headed over to Discount Tire in Grapevine to confirm my redneckness... Yes, stood in line for a picture and an autograph of up and coming driver David Ragan... young and cute!

Now it's time to start packing for our True Passion - the weekend at the track!
We have met some of the greatest people and have so much fun. We are very lucky they like us and have invited us back to stay out there this year.
Thanks Dan, Diane, Shawn and Karen. Just good folks.

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Cynthia said...

What a fun day! I would love to go 150 miles an hour around that track! Whee!!!