Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Does anybody remember the little guy on Laugh-In that did poems? Henry Gibson.

I don't know why this popped in my head today... probably because some of us might need a little shove on this day after the 08 Election.... ya think? It is oh so corny, but it makes me smile to remember the days of Laugh-In and the little things that made us laugh! He recited the below poem:

Submitted by: Lexel
Author: by Frank L. Stanton (1857-1927)

If you strike a thorn or rose,
Keep a-goin'!
If it hails or if it snows,
Keep a-goin'!
'Taint no use to sit an' whine
When the fish ain't on your line;
Bait your hook an' keep a-tryin'
--Keep a-goin'!
When the weather kills your crop,
Keep a-goin'!
Though 'tis work to reach the top,
Keep a-goin'!
S'pose you're out o' ev'ry dime,
Gittin' broke ain't any crime;
Tell the world you're feelin' prime--
Keep a-goin'!
When it looks like all is up,
Keep a-goin'!
Drain the sweetness from the cup,
Keep a-goin'!
See the wild birds on the wing,
Hear the bells that sweetly ring,
When you feel like singin', sing
--Keep a-goin'!

he also was well known for writing them. Here is one of my favorites. Remember, we all need something to laugh about.

The Thumbnail

Did you ever stop to figure
Why the thumbnail is so hard?
Well it hasn't any choice
With all that skin to guard.
It may look fat and pudgy
But it's heart is good and true.
It's prettier than a toenail
And easier to chew

Thanks Henry Gibson

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