Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

Home from our weekend roadtrip to Houston to visit friends. It's good to get away and equally good to get home. The dog missed us and is obviously tired from his all day romp with his "cousin" Bear.
After a fabulous dinner and some rousing conversation Thanksgiving night, my BFF, SD and I hit the bed fairly early. Our better halves however, must always have one night where they stay up and solve the worlds problems. Not quite sure when they hit the sack. Friday we were lazy all day. I never got out of my pajamas! THAT is the perfect day after Thanksgiving activity. I have never, ever felt the need to go shopping on "black Friday". Never have. Never will.
Saturday night was SD's #?? birthday and we went out and had very,. very tasty meal at Chez Nous in Humble. Houston is so bizarre in their zoning. This great restaurant is in the middle of a neighborhood. NOT one of those cute, eclectic neighborhoods, but a regular, middle class, carport kind of neighborhood. BUT that being said, dinner was yummy. My favorite part was an creamy organic broccoli and mushroom soup. I could have eaten a whole tureen of the stuff.
Sunday's drive back was picturesque, too bad this was one trip where I forgot my camera. Yep, saw Longhorns, beautiful fall colors, etc.. and I don't have one blasted picture.

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